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Messe München, we are here!

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Following Electronica China 2016 hold in Shanghai on March, Tianjin Geneuo Technology Co., Ltd. brings GSEE-TECH full range of connectivities to land e planet in Messe München, Germany !

Flutter the flag,  soar the ambition, Geneuo is fabulous.

Planned Electronica 2016 for a long time, Geneuo has taken a good time to land.

Geneuo full series connectivities have been heavily armed, landing e planet!

Receptacle connectors

Field wireable connectors

Pre-moulding connectors

Network communication connectors

Servo connectors

Junction boxes & Splitters

Disassembled parts & Welding circuit board

Land e planet
Address: Messe München, Germany
Visit us !  Hall B3, Booth 630