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Standard HA-58 series of incremental encoders

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Standard HA-58 series of incremental encoders

Die-casting metal housing:Sturdy housing not only protects the encoder from the surrounding environment, and also as a shielding layer;

The unique reverse osmosis design of moistureproof and condensation-proof, is suitable for high humidity and differece in temperature environments, could effectively protect the circuit from corrosion and destruction;

Unique bearing design effectively reduces axial runout, and axial and radial load capacity maximum up to 300N, could cope with violent vibration and shock.

GSEE-TECH standard HA-58 series upgraded of incremental encoders could be able to adapt to harsh environments, and meet customer's demand.


■ resolution up 25,000PPR, the maximum output frequency up to 300kHz

■ die-casting metal housing, sturdy and reliable

■ -40 ~ + 85 ℃ operating temperature range, IP67, adequet to outdoor environment

■ variety of signal output interfaces

■ variety of output connections such as with cable, M12/M23 connectors.

■ safety and reliability with reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection


Typical applications

Steel rolling line

■ metallurgical industry ■ ports and piers ■oil drilling  ■ machinery