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GSEE-TECH Ultrasonic sensors - versatile generalist

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Ultrasonic sensors calculate distance by measuring sonic wave flight time rather than intensity of sonic wave, so the background suppression is obvious. Only object could reflect sonic wave, no matter which color, what shape or what material, would be detected. Ultrasonic sensors as versatile generalist are applied in industrial fields because of prominent performance.

GSEE-TECH launch brand new cylinder shape ultrasonic sensor could provide accurate detection even under serve environment.

GUM** series sensor features as below:

  • Short fade zone, long sensing distance

  • High repetition accuracy, low linear difference

  • Setting easy, a variety of sensing modes

  • Different length and material housing, provides plastic and 316 SS material housing

  • Analog, digital output combination and double digital outputs

  • Robust housing and body encapsulated design could bear dust, smoke and steam suck like very challenging industrial environments

Application of ultrasonic sensors:


  • Brand new series of ultrasonic sensor provides a short dead zone to increase installment flexibility

  • Sensing mode could be set by teach button or remote teaching line, it's easy to operate.

  • Sensing distance range from 300mm to 6m

  • Standard length and short housing sensors could suit more application site, made up of 316 SS and plastic materials

  • IP67 mechanical protection degree, could bear many kinds of industrial environments and applications

Application industries:

* Industrial automation

* Packaging machinery

* Pharmaceutical industry

* Plastic and rugger industry

* Wood and furniture industry

* Printing industry

* Conveyor industry

* Food processing machinery

* Textile machinery

This powerful sensor validation in many different applications, their performance, in particular the ability to non-contact measurement and inspection of objects, they can work even under extreme environmental conditions, and the ability to accurately detect different materials, different colors and objects of different shapes. Our ultrasonic technology could give you the opportunity to win in the marketing.