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GSEE-TECH bran-new inductive sensor - nerve endings of industrial automation

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GSEE-TECH newly designed inductive sensors with new design concept, which completely overthrow the circuit structure of the traditional standalone components. Using a single chip digitize each performance parameter adjustment of detection distance, hysteresis, drift and others, fully optimize the existing production process and improve the overall performance of the product, so that the production adjustment process extremely simplified, which greatly reduces the cost of production while significantly shorten the delivery cycle.

New inductive sensors provide many general housing such as threaded cylinder and small square, etc; apply to a variety of non-contact detection applications in industrial automation fields. This kind of sensors could detect object in non-contact, high precision and rapid way, that achieve detecting applications as target location, components counting, rotation monitoring and broken wire detection.

Adding newly designed series of inductive sensors, GSEE-TECH product range of inductive sensors is more plentiful; nowadays, GSEE-TECH inductive sensors for industrial automation market has increasingly become one of the most competitive and indefective sensors.


• 3-wire / 4-wire NPN and PNP, 2-wire DC / AC output, NO / NC or complementary output optional

• IP67 protection degree, dust and liquid can not penetrate into the interior of the sensor

• Output status yellow LED, high visible

• 2m cable or M12X1 plug electrical connection, suitable for the majority of customers' demand

• Enhanced full sensing range, optimized EMC characteristics

• Flush / non-flush installation

Complete series products: cylinder & small square housing

• M12 series = M124/4mm sensing distance

• M18 series = M18,8/8mm sensing distance

• M30 series = M30,15/15mm sensing distance

• Q18 series = 18 x 18 x 29,5/8 mm sensing distance

• Q25 series = 25 x 25 x 38.5,8/10 mm sensing distance

• Q30 series = 30 x 30 x 52.5,10/15 mm sensing distance

Typical application

• Automotive manufacturing • Machine Tools • Metallurgical industry • Textile industry • Logistics • Wind power generation

For example:

Machine tool industry: detect servo motor driven slide movement limit, fixtures / robot arm position, and sense the workpiece position, spindle position, protective door switch position, and tools position in replacement system.

Rubber machinery industry: detect matched modules movement/compacting route location on vulcanizing machine, curtain cutting parts of forming machine and pressure roller parts behind of tyre foundation, and locate moving parts of transfer line.

Forklifter manufacturing: sense forks target perch limit, feedback brakes position, detect seat position, and sense turning position limit;

Injection molding machinery industry: detect protection safety door switch position, the injection mechanism - matched moulds movement / position.

Textile machinery industry: position metal wire shuttle, detect tensioner location;

Ceramic machinery industry: detect the front and rear section of the furnace roller conveyor positioning / correction;

Automobile die manufacturing: position the workpiece to be machined, detect die installed in place.

Woodworking machinery industry: detect the edge of the trays limit, detect blade movement/position.

Packaging machinery industry: detect the conveyor line movable parts positioning and seperated baffle position, detect missing parts of objects.

Canning equipment manufacturing: detect missing container on the conveyor of pop can manufacture equipment.

Metallurgical industry: position overloading carriage movement on the furnance roof ore channel system, and overloading baffle on the carriage.