GSEE-TECH sensors - applied to three-roll mills

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Limit monitor and hydraulic system control on roller gap

Industrial background

Three-roll mill is a kind of the most commonly used as slurry grinding equipment, also the most effective grinding and dispersing equipment for pulp slurry, paste and high viscosity materials.

Customer demands

Inductive sensors requires capabilities of resisting disturbance, controlling the grinding accuracy, detecting long distance and stable output of limit signal.

Pressure sensors requires capabilities of accurate sensing changes of pressure system and anti-overvoltage performance.




GSEE-TECH recommends you IB4-M12-E0/2M (threaded cylinder inductive sensor in new design) and GPT-518-100B-9 (sturdy and durable miniature pressure sensor).



IB4-M12-E0/2M is subject to GSEE-TECH standard inductive sensors, could realize closing fitting, could achieve close to the installation site to solve these problems such as field electromagnetic radiation, bad grounding enclosure. Sensing distance could be up to 4mm as flush installation, ensure senors limiting function on site and limit signal could be transmitted to monitor PLC.

GPT-518-100B-9 is subject to GSEE-TECH pressure sensors: working pressure range 0…100bar,output current signal 4…20mA, accuracy up to 0.3%;time of response < 3ms,could detect tiny pressure fluctuation rapidly; excellent resistance to overvoltage performance guarantee the reliability under high pressure surges; small body could suit complex structure of three-roll mill back and cramped space.


 Sensor could assist three-roll mill manufacturer to develop

GSEE-TECH could provide an overall sensing solutions made up of inductive sensors, pressure sensors, encoders and connectivities for three-roll mill manufacturers, reduce the cost of time spent on product type selection, maintenance costs and downtime, ensure equipment reliable operating, assist manufacturer to develop equipment for meeting grinding demands in different industries, and achieve a win-win.