GSEE-TECH sensors - applied to CNC bending machine

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CNC bending machine is an equipment for metal plate processing using bending technics, as a kind of general device for bending form process on metal plate, could bend parts in a variety of shapes using simple moulds. With suitable moulds, bending machine could do cutting and stretching and so on. This equipment is widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, electronics, machinery and other industries.

Customers' needs

1.Servo motor drives feeding mechanism to move, the drive only can receive 0 to 5V DC low level signal. So general sensors in market couldn't been used directly, must be used with relays; customers need to reduce costs for using other products to output low level singals directly.

2.Excellent EMC characteristic could avoid false actions, in order to ensure accuracy limit to stop slide of feeding mechanism for control the block size precisely.


GSEE-TECH Solutions

GSEE-TECH company newly designed M12 housing threaded cylinder and Q18 small square inductive sensors have special circuit structure, so that the output signal of the sensor can be recieved directly by drive of servo motor, which eliminates intermediate relays, reduces equipment fault points and components cost of itself greatly; excellent anti-interference performance effectively solve complex electromagnetic environment on site and poor grounding issues, to ensure reliable operation of entrie CNC bending machine to avoid the frequent adjustment of sensor installment position, reduce maintenance time and improve production efficiency.

GSEE-TECH sensors make customer bending machine manufacturing business perfect even more perfect

GSEE-TECH inductive sensors successfully apply on the hydraulic CNC, which demonstrate GSEE-TECH provide customers flexible and reliable customization and complete solutions from a variety of sensors connectors to connectivities. GSEE-TECH is gradually growing as one of best suppliers for bending machine manufacturing industry, and is the icing on the cake!